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Biography of Elizabeth M. Silverman, RPA

My love/hate relationship with the food industry began at a very young age. I basically grew up in the back of my dad's bakery with a 100 pound bag of flour as my bed. My playpen consisted of 50 pound bags of sugar surrounding me filled with lots of pots and pans and utensils for toys.

The greatest memories of my childhood are those special times when I could go to the work with him at 2:00 AM to stand on milk cartons and wash pans all day and sometimes even be allowed to coat the sticky buns with "goo" and nuts!

As I grew older I spent more time with my grandmother "helping" her cook. Those were the days of fresh, homemade and she was a fabulous cook. I continued to stay in and around the business and ran my Dad's Deli and later became a 5 star waitress (those were the days of cash and no taxes!).

Eventually I decided I needed a real job and went into Real Estate. After attaining my AA in business, AS in Management and my RPA degrees, I realized that something was missing. I was cooking for all my friends and doing small parties and thought I was pretty good at it.

After meeting my partner, Marilyn McSwiggan, and discovering our great love of the kitchen, together we began a fledgling catering business. We started small and worked from our homes. We thought "Hey! This is pretty neat - we can make lots of money from this!" So...we opened Catering by Lovables in a 700 SF space with a shoestring budget and the sheer will and determination to make it work. We were both quickly educated and graduated with MBA's from the School of Hard Knocks. Boy! Did we find out how little we knew those first few years.

In 2005 we celebrated our twentieth anniversary! We work very hard and love every minute of it. We still don't have lots of money, but are now in 3500 SF of space which includes our commissary and office space.

I don't know if I'd do it again knowing all I do now, but I do know my greatest asset is my partner and our clients and friends who have always been very supportive of us.

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