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Biography of Marilyn McSwiggan-Nolan

I like to tell people I was born and raised here in Miami, but that's not entirely true!  I was really born in Philadelphia.  Six months later we moved to Sunny Miami (my parents, three older brothers and I - the baby and only girl).  I grew up in North Coconut Grove, the Bay Heights area and still live in the same house.

Of course being the only girl allowed me to grow up the apple of Daddy's eye and somewhat spoiled. I attended Immaculate School for Girls (no boys - yeck!), Saints Peter and Paul, and graduated from Coral Gables High School.  The University of Miami is my alma mater and I graduated in 1974 with an AA degrees in Arts and in  Management.

I was very fortunate as a young girl in being able to spend summers in Philadelphia and New Jersey with my Italian relatives. Much of that time was spent listening to great stories and learning how to cook Italian! Basically this means - it's a sin to run out of food, so eat, eat and eat some more. This has become one of our basic philosophies of CATERING BY LOVABLES and we have never run out of food at an event, for this we are very proud.

One of my fantasies is to one day expand a portion of our business to include specialty labeling on some of our "Signature Recipes" which would be called "Aunt Mary's" in memory of my favorite aunt.

My Family owned hotels and Vocational schools in Miami and Las Vegas so it was a natural that I went to work in the family business until the business was sold in 1983.

In my spare time I loved to cook and experiment with gourmet type foods and menus. In 1985, I teamed up with Elizabeth Silverman and we formed CATERING BY LOVABLES specializing in fresh and homemade with our own personal touch. Our business has grown and expanded over the years, as well as our friendship and our Lovable Family.

In 1990, I took a big step and got married to a very handsome, virile, tall man. In February, 1991 we became the proud parents of the first of three LOVABLE BABIES (the twins came along in December, 1991 - I TOLD YOU HE WAS VIRILE!). Shortly thereafter, we bought a TV and subsequently have stopped producing children. My finest moments are between December and February of each year when I proudly proclaim I have "three children ALL the same age" and watch peoples faces as they stare at me in amazement, then I have to explain to them the meaning of " Irish Triplets".

At the present time CATERING BY LOVABLES is doing very well and I am looking forward to retirement as soon as the Lovable Babes take over the business.

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